Learning Teaching Training in Slovakia. JUMP Team ready to fly

The JUMP Team is ready to fly to Slovakia in January 2023 for the 2nd Learning and Training Mobility (LTT) organized by the partner EDU4YOU of Kosice.

We could select 10 people instead of 11 but the selected participants are prepared, motivated and they are concretely contributing to the development of the project.

– they realized video-recipes and their contributions are collected in the booklet of recipes (Project Result n°1)
– they wrote articles for the project blog and they are published from time to time by our Team Leader and responsible of the project, Ylenia Azzaro, and posted on the Fb page here to give more and more promotion also on social media.
– they are involving their friends, classmates, teachers and families in the project spreading positive messages related to Health, including Mental Health/Sport/Well being
– they are participating in all steps of the project learning and improving their transversal competences
– they are also fulfilling bureaucracy and committing themselves in being active members of JUMP.

In September, week 4-10/09/2022, JUMP hosted the partners and now the community of young people of Calabria involved in the project is bigger and bigger with a target going from 15 years old teenagers to 30 (Team Leaders). In the team there’s also a professional photographer, several videomakers, good English speakers and the webmaster who created an amazing website). The team is well balanced and competent with the right proportion of newcomers and experienced youths assuring quality and coordination.
After almost a year of the project “HEALTH&WEALTH” the mobility in Slovakia will be another milestone of this learning process enriching everyone.

By Erika Gerardini (Jump Team)

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