Nature and sports

Nature is good for you. Not only because it encourages physical activity, but because it reduces stress, improves health, increases happiness. Sport in the green is synonymous with health and happiness

Happiness depends on many factors, but for many experts one thing is certain: physical activity in nature is good for the body and mind. Movement in greenery helps to be more relaxed, healthier and even happier. Going outdoors as much as possible has many positive effects on psycho-physical fitness: it eases muscle tension, promotes night rest, acts on stress-related hormones, reduces mental brooding.


Outdoor activity offers numerous benefits, even higher than those of “indoor” movement.

It is in fact the most natural way to derive not only physical benefit, but also pleasure, from sporting activity: a splendid possibility of exploiting the body without breaking the link with the environment that surrounds us, fully recovering the psycho-physical balance .

Practicing outdoor sports improves performance, because you are more easily distracted from the effort, energy expenditure increases, because nature always presents new challenges: uneven terrain, ascents and descents, wind and other conditions force the body to adapt every time, consuming calories and making everything less monotonous. Furthermore, once the training is over, you feel a feeling of satisfaction and well-being: according to some studies, in fact, 30 minutes of walking in the park is enough to relieve stress and improve mood.


Here are some outdoor activities to do.

  1. Running and walking

The first is ideal for those who are in good physical preparation, the second is also suitable for less sporty people, running and walking are an excellent solution for carrying out aerobic activity in the open air. Both have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and are useful for those suffering from cholesterol and diabetes.


  1. Calisthenics gymnastics

It is a free body discipline ideal for increasing strength, elegance and natural definition of the body. It is actually the more traditional form of gymnastics that uses body mass as “weight” and involves performing a range of exercises.

3. Bicycle

Traditional outdoor cycling will give your body everything it needs to stay fit.


Not only a discipline that involves muscles that are not usually used, but above all a practice for spiritual well-being, Yoga is even more effective when performed outdoors, contact with the surrounding environment enhances the benefits of this activity which is good for you to the body and mind.

 By Ginevra Ermocida (Jump Team)

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