Health is Wealth

The project promotes a healthy lifestyle and education about its benefits

Let's eat for the health of it​ ​

Recipes of healthy diet from Italian, French, Romanian and Slovakian cuisine

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Our ideas

Physical activity

Physical activity gives us many benefits. It protects against many chronic diseases, aids in weight management, lower blood pressure and improves heart health, the quality of sleep, the memory and the function of the brain.

Healthy eating

There are two significant risks of unhealthy eating habits in teenagers that we want to prevent and eliminate: eating too much and not eating enough.

Mental health

Mental health is the new health. There are many people struggling with anxiety, depression, high levels of stress and uncertainty about the future.

Sounds of nature

People who live close to nature perceive a wider range of sounds than those living in industrialized societies. When listening to natural sounds, the brain relaxes.

Health is wealth application

The main outcome is the mobile application "Health is wealth" which will consist of 4 partial outcomes, also produced separately as individual outcomes.

Let's eat for the health of it

Mental health is the new wealth

The power of nature

Half an hour to stay fit

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The project is about the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and education about its benefits


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