The importance of nature

he relationship between man and nature has changed over the years, in fact, in ancient times nature was respected so much that it was venerated through the gods and has been the object of praise for many poets and literati, while today man seems insensitive to nature, so much so that he considers it as a means to improve his living conditions, causing damage that over time can corrode This damage is mainly caused by gases released by machinery and industries that cause global climate change, logging and agricultural exploitation. Some local disasters, diseases and damage related to crops and livestock, which in the past were attributed to natural causes, are becoming increasingly linked to pollution and the exploitation of land resources.

Nature can be compared to a mother, it is the generator of everything and, above all, offers us what we need (food, indispensable to live; light, indispensable to see; air, to breathe; soil and other materials, to build). We do nothing but exploit everything it offers us by wasting and ruining the fragile natural balance. Man, with his technological discoveries, continues, day by day, to ruin Nature; many technologies that have been invented and built to simplify man’s life are actually destroying it. Many after a catastrophe wonder if there had been a chance to stop it, but it is useless to ask ourselves these questions when it has now happened; one way to make these catastrophes less dangerous is that every person should start making small gestures that would surely change things sooner or later as no one can win nature.

By Davide Sestito (Jump Team)

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