Nutrition is a delicate topic, especially among the younger generation

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Nutrition is a delicate topic, especially among the younger generation. Food is fundamental for our survival, but it’s much more than that: it facilitates social interactions and it impacts our psychological and mental well-being.

It is therefore necessary to educate children to have a safe relationship with food from a young age to avoid a negative relationship with what nourishes their bodied and minds. 

As a matter of fact, young people are affected by food-related problems the most and eating disorders are, unfortunately, always around the corner. 

Food should not be seen as an enemy. Learning how to cook, going out to have lunch in new places and tasting typical dishes of different traditions are experiences capable of giving flavor to our lives.

To ease one’s relationship with food, physical activities can play a very important role. This is true for everyone, but even more for children and adolescents, who, in addition to obtaining positive effects for their health, improve their team skills and relationships with pears. In addition to this, sport allows people to disconnect from everyday problems and reconnect with their soul.

To conclude, the relationship children and young adults have with food is crucial for their growth. 

Eating disorders can cause serious damage to people’s mental health. If not treated properly, they truly become hell on heart and people who suffer from them can often become victims of marginalization. These situations have significantly increased with the pandemic, a period in which social relations have totally collapsed. Mental health is a very important topic, in fact every year World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10th.

Antonio Luigi Sinopoli

Jump Team

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