Full body muscle conditioning with calisthenics

Calisthenics is a sport where we learn complex movements, our body
becomes stronger and more toned, thus allowing us to position our body
in particular poses, the achievement of these positions takes the name
of SKILLS, among the most important we find the FRONT-LEVER and
PLANK, the muscles most involved are those of the core and the arms,
in the first case one of the muscles most involved is the back, while in
the second case the chest.
The movement consists in keeping your body horizontal by holding only
your arms, in the FRONT-LEVER with your face facing up (therefore
using a pull-up bar) and in the PLANCHE with your face facing down
(therefore placing your hands on the floor).
The preparation that precedes these skills takes place with weightless,
bodyweight workouts.

By Antonio Gullì (Jump Team)

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