Eating well makes us happy

A healthy diet is essential for physical health, mental well-being and emotional stability. Among the many benefits of eating healthy are:

The mood improvement 

The reduction of depressive symptoms

Better quality of life

The reduction of risk of chronic diseases

Greater satisfaction with food choices

If you want to get this benefits, it is necessary to promote correct habits in individuals from an early age. Anyway the awareness of the nutritional properties and benefits of foods in adults promotes the acquisition of a correct diet. 

Eating consciously is a process in which you pay attention to what you eat and you make healthier food choices.

The basics of a correct nutrition are: 

The substitution of foods with high calorie density with other with low calorie content and more satiating;

The substitution of the sugar with his natural substitutes like stevia;

The choice to eat more fruits and vegetables;

the right amount of protein and whole foods;

Several studies have shown that changes in the diet can get lead to greater happiness and a better self-esteem. So what we eat has a big impact on brain functioning. For example, it turned out that an excess of sugar reduces the levels of serotonin in the brain, which can cause depression and anxiety. The same symptoms can be caused by the excessive consumption of low quality food.

By Simone Maiuri (Jump Team)

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