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Not only doctors, coaches, personal trainers and famous sportsmen advise and invite everyone to practice sport;

by now it is known to anyone that moving as well as rewarding is also very useful no matter what sport to practice, but it is important for everyone at any age to move, it benefits our line but also our mind; in fact, sport helps to feel serene and relaxed, relieves stress, is good for the mood.

There are many direct benefits to the human body: the muscular and skeletal system becomes more elastic and toned, avoiding back pain and arthrosis, cholesterol and triglycerides are lowered; the heart with training becomes stronger and more resistant. however, for the elderly and delicate people it is always advisable to consult a doctor before playing sports.

When doing sports it is good to consume fruit and vegetables. In addition to these basic foods, carbohydrates follow: bread, pasta, potatoes, spelt; but also legumes that contain carbohydrates and proteins. And then you have to drink before, during and after sporting activity to keep your body in shape, so the diet must be varied and based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, consequently, in my opinion, to stay healthy, nutrition and sport must travel on the same plan and it is therefore not possible to exclude one of the two.

The correct succession of proper nutrition and a good day of sport can also help not to fall into bad diseases that have long afflicted our country.

All this is not only good for ourselves but also for the world around us because a healthy lifestyle also helps the outside world, nature which has been destroyed for a long time now by man who doesn’t care about anything. Finally, the important thing is not to see nutrition and sport as two different things because often incorrect messages prevent adequate awareness of the importance of nutrition in sport. It is precisely for this reason that it is necessary to raise the level of knowledge of the population in general and of those who practice sport in particular on lifestyles suitable for maintaining health.


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