Hidden Tears: Exploring the Importance of Mental Health and Overcoming Stigma

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‘I can’t stop crying ‘ ‘i’ve been crying almost every day now’ ‘i don’t know if I am getting depressed’ ‘my head hurts from crying’. This is the side of me many people don’t know, the side that almost gets forgotten or hidden, this essay is for her.

Oh boy, where do we even start? This is going to be a long story…

have you ever experienced a stage in your life where one thing just falls apart after another? you keep telling yourself it will get better soon, but your hopes keep on getting crushed by bad news, rejection, and pain.

this whole year has been interesting, there were amazing moments when I felt like I was living my dream life and moments I was living in a nightmare. there were these moments I felt super loved, supported, and connected and moments I felt cut off, that no one could relate to me, that no one cared about me. I was all alone, there were moments I felt refreshed and serene, and there were moments I felt anxious, useless, and behind on everything. There were moments of betrayal, rejection, defeat, there were moments when the pain from the past crept back and engulfed me.

ne way to think about mental health is to look at how a person performs  successfully nd effectively. As a result, elements like feeling competent, knowledgeable, managing typical amount of stress, keeping good relationship and living an  autonomous life are essential. 

Mental health is related to the overall personality of the person. Therefore, the essential function of school and education is to protect the mental health of boys and girls. Also physically active body and fitness it’s not the only measure of good health! Instead, it’s a simple  way to improve a child’s mental and moral health.

In fact, in the same way we feel physically ill, we can also be mentally ill. Mental illness is a disorder of the human body which includes mood, thinking and behavior changes.  It can be caused by stress or a reaction to an event. 

Mental illness is a growing phenomenon in the 21th Century, but not everyone gets the help the need. Although these illnessess are very common and can affect anyone, there is still widespread prejudice. People are still reluctant to accept mental illiness because of this stigma, they are embarrassed to admit it and seek medical attention. Physical and psychological health are inextricably connected and both are equally important to a person!

Our society needs to change its mind about mental health or disorder, people should get rid of the stigma associated with the disease and educate themself about it! The consequences can be devastating if mental illness is not treated in time!

October 10 is considered World Mental Health Day and its goal is to raise global awareness about mental health issues and make effort to promote this important topic.

In conclusion, physical and emotional well-being are the keys to success in all aspects of life. People should be aware of the effects of mental illness and should give greater importance to keeping the mind healthy the way the physical body is kept healthy. Psychological and physical health cannot be separated from one another.

Francesca Riverso

Jump Team

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